28th conference of the European Wound Management Association, EWMA 2018

Additional orders

Important: please download the forms using browsers: chrome or explorer.

IMPORTANT: filling in the form number 1 is compulsory for all the orders!


Forms no 2-4 must be filled and send back to: ewma2018@targi.krakow.pl


Forms can be filled electronically except form no 2C which needs to printed, filled manually, scanned and send by email.



Overview of deadlines


Stand equipment: 15.03.2018

Technical supplies: 15.03.2018

Internet connection: 15.03.2018

Catering: 25.04.2018

Flowers: 25.04.2018




Forms for built-up space


For the exhibitors who have ordered the shell scheme package


Forms for non built-up space


For the exhibitors who have ordered exhibition space only and/or will build up their own stand




Sending the forms is equivalent that you have familiarized and agreed to the all applicable regulations.



In the formal matters please contact:

Email: ewma2018@targi.krakow.pl

Phone: +48 651 95 33

Phone: +48 651 90 65

In the technical matters please contact:

Email: Szatan@targi.krakow.pl